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Fresh summer news ☀️ at Simplicité

Fresh summer news ☀️ at Simplicité

A bit more privacy and cookies

cookie et confidentialité

cookie and privacyAs you know, at Simplicité we attach great importance to the protection of personal data. This is also the reason why we made the choice, from the start, to host the data on French servers.

Because one goes hand in hand with the other, we have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to make sure you are well-informed about your rights.

Finally, we consider that we have a legitimate interest in providing you with relevant information about Simplicité. However, you have the choice and the freedom to unsubscribe at any time, by clicking on the link reserved for this purpose at the bottom of the page (on each of our communications).

Privacy policy 👁 and Cookie Policy 🍪

The trust is there!

licence site pour l'AFD

Site license for AFD. We are pleased to count among our customers the French Development Agency!

After an initial project, the institution, conviced by the relevance of the platform, decided to acquire a site license allowing it to use the full potential of the platform. We want to thank her for the trust she has placed and look forward to seeing all the projects that will be carried out with Simplicité.

📺 Replay webinar and June webinar 📺

webinar kobiton

A few days ago we held a webinar* with Kobiton. This company offers to test mobile applications/websites from real mobile phones.

The aim of the webinar was to demonstrate the importance of rapidly deploying applications from design to implementation to testing. If you missed this webinar you can now watch the replay and discover the demo made by David. Here, we have focused our demonstration on a simple example case: an application that allows you to order pizzas. We add a management rule to know if we can order or not, that's it in a few clicks. *Webinar with the language of Shakespeare

Yum pizza 🍕

webinaire avec 1min30

Webinar with 1min30

Another webinar* in June, François Genestin was the guest of Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel, founder of the 1min30 agency. This webinar was an opportunity to present the work done for the 1min30 agency.

The application currently being finalized makes it possible, among other things, to: centralize commercial management, project management, the monitoring of customer growth indicators, the management of agency content... Do you want to know everything about this project? Nothing could be simpler follow the link.

*Webinar with Molière's language

Discovering the cosmology of information 🛰

🤝 Meetup is coming! 🤝

Let's go! We launched our Meetup group dedicated to “Low-Code”. This aims to bring together all the people interested in so-called “Low-Code” development platforms. It aims to allow everyone to know more about how these tools that are revolutionizing the IT landscape work. Through our meetings, we will strive to demonstrate the contribution of value and this in all objectivity!

In order to best prepare for our first meeting we would like to ask you a few questions. Do not hesitate to also join the newly created group. There you will be able to find out the dates of the next Meetup.

I am answering the questionnaire ❓  & I'm joining the group 🤝

👨 ‍ 💻 User club 4th edition, the online presentation 👨 ‍ 💻

On June 6, our fourth user club took place. An opportunity for us to share the latest Simplicité news with those who use the platform. Numerous exchanges that allow us to maintain a unique relationship with Simplicité users.

Review the club presentation 👨 ‍ 💻

🚀 What's new on the platform 🚀

Group the elements and edit your icons

It is now possible to configure your business applications so that the list display groups items by type, in this way the information is more clear and concise!

Also, we recently delivered new types of icons and images so that the applications developed are to your liking (or that of your customers). If by any chance you want to edit a set to add or change it is possible by editing your zip directly from the platform.

Finally, we mentioned it during our last user club. We are going to create a newsletter dedicated to the developments of the platform, you can now subscribe to it.

🗞 They're talking about the platform 🗞

Thanks to Alliancy le mag for recognizing Simplicité Software among the 100 digital players that count!

To support companies that want to stay digital, Alliancy has created “digital technology in practice”. Inspiring practices, concrete cases and news developed with its partners to guide you in your choices and your transformation projects. You can discover a new thematic extract for free, every 15 days.

Discover “digital technology in practice” 💯

We are delighted to be present in the French Cloudscape created by Clement Vouillon, senior research analyst at Point Nine Capital.

Each year this VC releases a Landscape from all the cloud platforms in the French ecosystem. The analyses that follow this illustration of the French cloud landscape are also very interesting.

Read the article on French Cloudscape ☁️

🏢 Recruiting 🏢

Simplicité is looking for new talents!

  • [CDI] Commercial — business engineer (F/H)
  • [Internship] R&D — Professional Service (F/H)

To apply, pull out your best pen and click on the button below.

I am applying ✍️

🗓 Save the date 🗓

This year (finally beginning of 2019...) we will be present for the second edition of the AP Connect Show! The aim of this exhibition is to bring together all actors in the IT ecosystem who offer solutions for public administrations. It will take place on January 29 and 30, at the Espace Grand Arche in Paris.

This year the show will have a particular flavor since it will take place at the same time as the National Congress of Internet Cities!

Learn more about the AP Connect 🔗 Lounge

The whole team wishes you a great summer and happy holidays!

Of course, we stay on deck, for all your needs, throughout the summer.