Code less, code better, and unleash your creativity with the Simplicité Low-Code platform

In today's digital age, where agility and innovation are critical, building applications shouldn't be a challenge. It is in this perspective that Simplicité, our cutting-edge low-code platform, is emerging as the ultimate catalyst to transform your ideas into functional applications, quickly.

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Build fast
Drag-and-drop, for an intuitive and clear construction of your interfaces

Drag-and-drop, for an intuitive and clear construction of your interfaces

Simplify complexity! Thanks to our drag-and-drop interface design feature, visually build the screens of your applications. Focus on what matters most: value-added code. Thus, we guarantee you an interface that is always up-to-date with market standards.

Glisser-Déposer, pour une construction intuitive et claire de vos interfaces
Des composants pré-construits, pour une rapidité inégalée

Pre-built components, for unparalleled speed

Take advantage of more than 18 years of Research and Development: save time and effort thanks to our library rich in components. Simplicité offers a wide range of pre-integrated elements: List, form, rights management, pivot table displays. Accelerate the development process without compromising the quality of your applications.

A platform that adapts to your work environment, not the other way around

Whether you prefer to work with your own IDE or with the built-in editor, Simplicité adapts to your needs. Integration with market IDEs (VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, etc.) via standard workflows (Git, Maven) allows you to capitalize on existing skills while exploiting the power of low-code.

Une plateforme qui s’adapte à votre environnement de travail, pas l’inverse

App Store for immediate access to extended features

Explore a world of innovation with the Simplicité App Store. Integrate these prefabricated solutions to extend the capabilities of your applications without having to start from scratch. The Simplicité App Store is a real showcase of examples and ideas.

Asset managementCase management
FinancialUser Management
DashboardOrder management
stock managementHR process
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Octopus integration

Multi-infrastructure compatibility

Simplicité redefines flexibility in application development thanks to its multi-database compatibility. Our low-code platform guarantees a consistent and fluid experience on the main relational databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SqlServer. MultiOS compatibility based on Docker provides total freedom in choosing your infrastructure, without sacrificing consistency and performance. It adapts to you and not the other way around.

Mature Java ecosystem and powerful tools

With Simplicité, benefit from the robustness of the Java ecosystem. Our low-code platform is based on a mature ecosystem of libraries and powerful tools, allowing developers to capitalize and produce robust and quality applications.

CI/CD from scratch

CI/CD from scratch

Accelerate the development life cycle of your applications with a complete integration of traditional CI/CD tools (Maven, Gitlab, Github) that will allow you to deploy without a hitch. Automate tests, fixes, and updates, ensuring consistency and reliability throughout the development process.

Integration for all

En back office

In the front office

Simplicité exposes a whole range of services (REST/JSON, SOAP/XML and helpers for UIs developed in Node, Vue, React, Android, etc.) to access public or highly authorized data, or even to the definition of the objects themselves (meta-data).

En front-office

In the back office

The runtime runs at least in a Java Web/Servlet container (or Java EE/EJB) connected to a relational database (via JDBC/SQL) for its internal functioning. Persistence can also be done to other databases (via JDBC) or other systems (via API/Webservices or via specific connectors such as Stripe, Salesforce or DocuSign).

API-first approach

Simplicité takes an API-first approach, offering maximum interconnectivity. Design applications that integrate seamlessly into your existing environment by placing APIs at the heart of the development process. The platform manages the logical model of objects and physical accesses to data and documents, the management of business rules, the orchestration of processes, the historization and traceability of sessions and data, the management of rights and scopes.

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Ready to deliver

Automatic generation of technical documentation

Technical documentation is often considered to be tedious to write. With Simplicité, it becomes an automated and transparent process. Stop wasting time manually documenting each component; Simplicité does it for you, ensuring total traceability and facilitating collaboration within your team.

Integrated security and compliance

Our platform integrates advanced security features to protect your data and ensure compliance with regulatory standards (SSO, SAML, OAuth2, LDAP, FranceConnect).

Any access to a data, a document or a process is highly authorized from the user login, with a native integration of LDAP/SAML, OpenID Connect, Custom SSO, JWT tokens and even Atlassian Crowd.

Simplicité is the subject of numerous tests in terms of robustness against XSS/CSRF attacks.

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Analysis and monitoring

Simplicité integrates advanced analysis tools to allow you to optimize performance and anticipate possible problems in your applications. From intuitive dashboards to alerts, you have the tools you need to maintain powerful applications that are aligned with your business goals. Hot supervision of the platform, history of uses and performance monitoring, feedback