Answers to your most frequently asked questions

1/What is Simplicité Software?

Simplicité Software is a Cloud platform (and/or on premise) of the type APaaS (Application Platform as a Service) also called Low-code platform. Simplicité allows you to create tailor-made Business Applications much more quickly than by traditional development or an adaptation of a SaaS (software package). Simplicity is used by its customers to:

  • Cover business needs for which there is no SaaS offer and/or for which SaaS offers (or software packages) offer partial and unsatisfactory coverage.
  • Benefit from the advantages of the cloud and the “API-centric” approach to communicate with any other cloud solution.
  • Reduce costs, improve the agility of the information system.
  • Offer innovative solutions to their end customers.

2/ Can I really develop my business application with Simplicité?

You don't “develop” a business application in Simplicité, We the parameter ! It is a platform that significantly accelerates DevOps (Development to Operation).

However, it is utopian to believe that a complex business application can only be done by configuration, since there is always the specific rule that says that “the temperature of the water depends on the age of the captain and the direction of the wind, unless it is a full moon and unless it is the 23rd of August of a leap year”!

To cover this type of complex business rules and in order to take advantage of all the power of Simplicity, it will then be useful to know the basics of JavaScript code. This ties in with the notion of” Low-code platform ”, the construction of the business application is carried out thanks to object configuration (80-90% of the application) and specific code if necessary (10-20% of the application).

3/ Can I have a test account?

Yes, it is possible to try the platform free for 1 month, without the need to enter a payment method. Without an express request and payment of a subscription, the test instance will be automatically stopped after one month.

4/ What can I do with the Simplicité platform?

Everything or almost everything! The platform allows you to create any business application as long as it (your business) can be modelled. If you know how to represent your needs with “squares and arrows”, then Simplicité is the right solution.

To convince yourself of this, you can visit the section”Customer cases” and discover examples of business applications that have been created by/for our customers (HR, Marketing, Security, Finance, ERP, IT Management...)

5/ How can I get started on the right foot with the platform?

If you want to create your business application, you can consult the resources and start with “Getting started.” In addition, it is possible to test the “easy mode” which, as its name suggests, will allow you to understand the basics of the platform and to become familiar with it.

The best way to start off on the right foot is to attend a webinar dedicated to getting started with Simplicité.

6/ Is it necessary to install software to use Simplicité Software?

No, the platform allows the development of your business applications directly in our cloud (there is room for everyone). Your best friend will then be your internet browser (up to date).

However, if you have your own cloud, the platform can make a place for itself there, we nevertheless advise you to take a look at this page to find out the correct configuration.

7/ How much do I have to pay to use Simplicité?

The pricing policy for using the platform is visible on This page.

8/ What types of browsers does Simplicité work on?

The platform works on all modern browsers. For more compatibility information, you can follow this link.