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The information system is the backbone of the company and allows it to ensure its proper functioning. Formerly considered a cost center, the IT department is now a profit center. By integrating Simplicité as an agile development factory into its master plan, the IT department shows that innovation also comes from within. A real source of proposals, it is an incubator of ideas, drives businesses forward and promotes new uses.

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They trust Simplicité for their business applications
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Obvious return on investment

The question of return on investment is crucial. With Simplicité, you invest wisely. Shorter development cycles and reduced operational costs lead to faster ROI, and bring tangible value to your IT department.

Obvious return on investment

Speed and scalability for guaranteed sustainability

The speed of implementation and the intrinsic scalability of Simplicity Low-Code guarantee the sustainability of your business solutions.
Whatever your technical, regulatory or business requirements, the flexibility of the Simplicity platform ensures the sustainability of your business applications.

Choix entre Cloud et/ou OnPremise

Choice between Cloud and/or OnPremise

With Simplicité, you have the keys. Whether you prefer to take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud, whether you want to keep your OnPremise applications, or whether you want to benefit from both approaches, Simplicity integrates with your IS architecture.

All the arguments to convince

Internal satisfaction. Increasing internal satisfaction is one of the key indicators of success for the IT department. Thanks to Simplicité, you accelerate the transformation of your technical teams and allow them to focus on tasks with high added value. You ensure the full satisfaction of your customers by responding better, faster and at a lower cost to their business requirements.

Aligned IT strategy. Thanks to Simplicité Low-Code, align your IT strategy with that of the company. The flexibility of Simplicité allows you to quickly pivot and respond to strategic changes in your business and changes in its market.

Total control and IT governance. Simplicité is also designed to respond to the problems encountered by CIOs in controlling their business applications (including Shadow-it) and in managing their technical debt. Robust, industrial, reliable and open Simplicité gives control of all business applications to the IT department.

Simplified change management. Change management is often an underrated project challenge. Simplicité facilitates this process by providing simple and intuitive tools, accessible training, and by encouraging collaboration.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Simplicité is part of a CSR perspective. Our low-code approach favors the responsible use of resources and allows a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Évolution harmonieuse du legacy

Harmonious evolution of legacy

With Simplicité, you don't have to question your legacy. Our platform allows for seamless evolution, taking advantage of existing systems while integrating innovations and improvements seamlessly.

Passage au Cloud en Douceur

A smooth transition to the cloud

The “Move 2 Cloud” is becoming a reality with Simplicité. Our platform facilitates the transition to the Cloud, offering unprecedented flexibility to migrate your applications in a gradual and controlled manner.

Conformité aux Normes et Régulations

Compliance with Norms and Regulations

Compliance is critical. Simplicité ensures that your applications comply with current standards and regulations, thus ensuring data security and trust.

Brittany Region

In recent years, the Brittany Region has made the choice to switch to “Low Code” development for its management applications. With a dozen applications in production now, we are fully satisfied: we have gained in agility, in TTM, in maintainability. No need to use JEE development “from scratch” anymore, except for very specific needs. We opted for self-hosting, and particularly appreciate the ease of integration into the Simplicité information system: data model, relational storage, REST API, identity management connectors...

Quily Rosanne
Software development engineer