A human-sized company to solve complex problems

“We designed Simplicité because there is a real gap between business expectations and existing solutions on the market. On the one hand, the development of business applications is most often a source of frustration, complexity and, above all, failure. On the other hand, off-the-shelf vertical solutions are never satisfactory when it comes to covering a need that is very specific to the company and which is necessarily strategic for it. We believe that these strategic business challenges must be able to benefit from agile, reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT support, hence the existence of the Simplicité platform.”
A company on a human scale. Welcoming, united and concerned about the well-being of everyone, working in a healthy and pleasant working environment.
Open-mindedness and tolerance. Here, everyone is an actor in the life of the company and a source of proposals.
Solving complex problems. That's what the whole Simplicité team is committed to.
Taking care of customers. Each customer is unique, which is why the whole team strives to have a personalized relationship with each customer.

Good to know if you want to join us

Offices in the center of Paris (9ème). Where the multitude of small restaurants and bars make it possible to satisfy all desires.
Swile card, restaurant ticket (14,3€). Covered up to 60%.
Occasionally aperitifs in the office. But freedom to participate.
Alan Blue Health Insurance. 50% covered by the company.
Training. Possibility of training throughout your career.
Hardware. Choose from upon hiring (PC or Mac).
Bonus. Based on the results of the company.
Teleworking. Proposal for a hybrid operation.
Year of creation
Middle age
38 years

Distribution of employees


Do you want to join us?
Here's how it goes

Step #1
1st telephone exchange to see if the common expectations are the right ones (~30 min)
Step #2
Video conference or physical exchange with a member of the team + technical test (~1 hour)
Step #3
Last exchange with the founders for validation (~1 hour)

When I arrived at Simplicité in 2015, I had the choice between two job offers. I chose Simplicité because my first contact with Thomas, one of the three co-founders, was very good. I immediately felt that people were at the center of this company. And seven years later? I don't regret this choice, I was able to evolve at the same time as the company and create strong relationships with the whole team, not one morning with the feeling of being in a tight spot (a luxury some would say!). I think that the non-existent turnover rate itself explains the satisfaction of employees.

Étienne Rocher
Étienne Rocher
Marketing & communication manager