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Training by professionals, For professionals

Our courses are developed and delivered by our “Professional Services” team, the same team that will support you in the success of your projects. From discovering the platform to coaching on specialized themes, we strive to provide in-depth expertise to enable you to exploit the full value of the platform.

We offer gradual discovery with support adapted to all levels, where everyone can advance at their own pace and deepen their topics of interest.

The “Maker” training takes place over four half-days and allows you to understand the founding principles and unlock all your potential to build your first business application in all simplicity!

Simplicité training is the assurance of a good understanding of the key concepts of the platform. It means taking advantage of a group dynamic in an atmosphere of mutual support via question and answer sessions to deepen particular topics and provide personalized advice.


The training focuses on building a simple example of a business application and is primarily intended for application designers and developers. It can be adapted to all types of profiles on request.

Software developers (object-oriented)
Software architects
Project managers — application development


Knowledge of basic modeling principles (UML)
Mastery of the basic principles of computer science (algorithm, data structures, complexity, etc.)
Mastery of object development technology (Java)
Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Duration and terms

Duration of training
Distribution (face-to-face or remote)
2 days
On demand

General program

Design a Simplicité® application by setting up the business model
Translating business needs In case of use
Integrate your application to the IT using various mechanisms (adapters, scheduled task...)
Customizing a business application through the use of themes and scopes
Extend object behavior by adding specific management rules via Java code
Devising A state diagram

Certify your Knowledge Simplicité!

Evaluate, test, and validate your expertise in the Simplicité low-code platform.

A key to low-code!

Since 2006, the platform has been enriched with numerous functionalities.

In order to allow everyone to know the platform well and to operate as a trusted third party, we offer various certifications according to Simplicité profiles.

Confirm your knowledge of the Simplicité platform!

By following the different levels of our certification program, we guarantee you:

In-depth knowledge of the Simplicité platform. The ability to develop your business applications with confidence. The possibility to extend the field of your skills and to update yourself regularly by following an adapted course.

Designer simplicité


Designers configure business models in direct line with the expressed need. They build the target applications in agile mode and master all the functionalities offered by the platform (reporting, configuration, specific development, web service/integration, etc.).

Confirmez vos connaissances de la plateforme Simplicité !

Confirm your knowledge of the Simplicité platform!

Knowledge of object-oriented modeling (e.g. UML). Knowledge of relational databases (SQL). Skills in back development (Java) and front end (HTML/JS/CSS).