Quickly build and deploy your business applications with ease.

1/ Why develop a business application

Today, there are two possibilities for companies wishing to integrate their business applications into their information systems:

  • Generic solutions (different applications that can normally be adapted to any structure and company)
  • Develop their own business application (but often neglected due to its complexity).Développer leur propre application métier (mais souvent négligée du fait de sa complexité). Avec Simplicité, nous vous proposons une plateforme à la fois intuitive et évolutive qui vous permettra de réaliser simplement l’application d’entreprise la plus complète pour exercer votre métier.
  • Des solutions génériques (différentes applications pouvant normalement s’adapter à n’importe quelle structure et entreprise)

With Simplicité, we offer you an intuitive and scalable platform that will allow you to simply realize the most complete enterprise application to practice your profession.

2/ Customized applications thanks to a simplified realization

Generic business application solutions are generally known for their versatility. However, the latter may not fully correspond to certain profiles (business – type of structures or companies), because of the specificities of the position, the field of the company, but also the processes put in place, making it difficult Integration of the business application. The complexity and rigidity of certain general software packages are often a brake on the development of applications that meet the real needs of each business. By choosing a solution like Simplicité, you will be able to get rid of this problem by creating a customized application that will ideally integrate and respond perfectly to the needs of each business profile, whatever its specificities or needs.

3/ Convenient interface for faster design of your business application

The strength of the Simplicité platform is its ease of use and its intuitive interface that will allow you to develop your own business application much more quickly. Moreover, because of its great flexibility, you will be able to show the progress of the creation of each of your applications to your teams, so that they participate in real time to the construction and evolution of their business applications. This ensures that the application is as optimal as possible.

4/ A rapid implementation platform for business applications

Another advantage of Simplicité for the realization of your business application is its speed of implementation. Indeed, our platform has been designed so as to minimize the development phases, so as to significantly reduce the duration of the testing and integration phases of your application. On the other hand, it is always necessary to correctly define the specifications in order to define the functions and profiles for each business profile.

The realization of business applications with Simplicité offers many advantages for all the players in a company, from the operator, to the end user, to the application designers. So, if you are planning to create business applications, do not hesitate to contact us. We will accompany you to create quickly and simply high quality business applications.

We intervene in all areas of expertise of a company (Marketing – Human resources – Finance – Customer relations …). Contact us for more information.

5/ What you should know before developing your business application

Due to the evolution of their business or the specificities of their domain, many companies are starting to move away from ready-to-use business applications and ERPs to move towards customized solutions.

Indeed, the development of business applications is more and more appreciated because it makes it possible to realize solutions tailored to measure and which adapt perfectly to the structure and the processes used. What should be considered before developing your own applications? And why is it so interesting to opt for custom application development?

6/ What is a business application?

It is a computer application designed to facilitate the management of the activity of a company. Its purpose is to meet the specific needs of a user by allowing him to automate and assist him in carrying out tasks related to his trade.

To benefit from this, it is then possible for companies to go either towards the purchase of standard software packages with well-defined applications. Either to opt for the development of business applications and thus to deploy applications tailored to meet the needs of specific trades.

7/ The advantages and disadvantages of opting for custom application development

The development of customized applications has many advantages over so-called generic solutions, because of its great potential for personalization. Indeed, by opting for tailor-made applications, you will have the guarantee of obtaining an application that is perfectly adapted to the needs of each business profile, but also that will integrate optimally into all the processes implemented within your business.

Simplicité is a scalable solution that allows you to quickly and easily design business applications that meet the real needs of your employees. With its intelligent engine, Simplicité will give you the ability to easily scale your business applications tailored to your changing business needs and technologies.

Our Simplicité solution is designed for both large and small businesses. So, if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us or to go to our trial version.

8/ Cloud or SaaS software package

Nowadays, the use of software in SaaS mode or in the cloud has become a standard within companies, whether SME or large structures. Indeed, more and more companies are turning to this type of solution because these applications have many advantages in terms of implementation and features. But what are these advantages, then?

This is what we will try to present in the article below.

9/ What is a software package in Saas mode?

Before presenting what is a software package in SaaS mode, it is necessary to define at first what is characteristic of the SaaS mode. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model that allows companies to subscribe to online software instead of buying licenses and installing them on servers. As a result, they will only have to pay according to their use and the functionalities they want.

Thus, it becomes very simple to access the different functionalities of the software package. For this, only the use of an internet browser is required, and this regardless of the type of operating system used within the company.

10/ The advantages of ERP a SaaS or cloud

Opting for a SaaS ERP or in the cloud allows companies to benefit from many benefits. The main advantage is the fact that there is no software or application to install on the server or computer equipment. Thus, no data is stored internally.

Another advantage is that the features of the SaaS ERP can be used at any time or place, from the moment you get an internet connection. Moreover, thanks to the SaaS mode, all important operations such as updates, security or maintenance of the software package are carried out by the service provider.

11/ Discover the benefits of a cloud business application with Simplicité

The Simplicité Collaborative Platform enables organizations who want the benefits of the cloud to design and host their business applications in the public or private cloud. Simplicité makes it possible to design a cloud business application available at any time and on all types of workstations. In addition, Simplicité business applications are fully customizable to meet the needs and functions of each business profile to maximize the efficiency and performance of your teams.

Simplicité differs from a simple software package in SaaS mode, due to its flexibility and agility to meet the specific and evolving needs of the business lines. So, if you want to try out or learn more about our solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

12/ Benefits of Collaborative Platforms for Business

Today, the use of a collaborative platform is becoming more widespread in companies, because of the many advantages that this solution brings in the management and monitoring of projects. What are these advantages, then? And why is it worthwhile to opt for this type of solution? This is what we are going to present in this guide; however, it is first and foremost to explain what constitutes a collaborative platform company.

13/ What is a collaborative platform company?

A collaborative platform is a virtual workspace centralizing information, tools or applications related to the management of a project and making them available to the various players in a company. It allows the different employees to share various working files (calendar, spreadsheet, Word document) with each other and can be useful for monitoring schedules, updating data concerning a project, identifying all stakeholders Involved in a project, but above all to facilitate communication between employees.

14/ Benefits of a Collaborative Platform

As we have seen, a collaborative platform has many features that give it many advantages for businesses. One of its main advantages is to facilitate the coordination and the work between your teams thanks to the very simple sharing of all information (document, contact, task, database etc …).

Moreover, this type of platform often benefits from a collaborative application facilitating communication within the different entities of the company (mail, chat, videoconference). Another feature is the fact that several users can connect at the same time and update in real time the information, tools or applications of the platform.

15/ Why choose a collaborative platform company?

We observe a complexification of the business processes in company and a multiplication of the objectives and tools used by the actors of a computer project. The use of a collaborative platform and its collaborative applications makes it possible to greatly shorten the delays between the different stages of development of a project, which translates into greater efficiency and productivity, but also significant savings.

In addition, thanks to its numerous functionalities, a collaborative platform such as Simplicité proves to be the ideal tool that can be adapted to any business or technical profile and your business requirements. So, if you are looking for an advanced and efficient collaborative application, Simplicité is an intuitive collaborative enterprise platform, covering end-to-end the entire lifecycle of your IT projects. It provides all project participants with the tools they need, as well as corporate social networking mechanisms. Moreover, if you are keen to know more, our teams are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

16/ The various categories of SME management software

The use of SME management software allows small and medium-sized companies to increase efficiency and productivity as an alternative to office tools. The latter only allow limited use and can not accompany the growth of the structure.

Multiple non-interconnected and non-secure files quickly become complex to manage when the business grows. The Simplicité software platform makes it possible to provide solutions that meet your specific needs, whether for finance, management, CRM, HR, etc.

17/ CRM management software for improving your customer relationship

The CRM  management software is the ideal asset for SMEs wishing to improve their business performance and customer loyalty while enabling them to accurately identify their prospects. It allows you to gather all the information about your customers so that you can better understand their needs and expectations.

The CRM software allows you to benefit from better management and visibility on your contacts, prospects and commercial opportunities to optimize the transformation rate. In addition, it generally allows automating certain tasks, thus saving considerable time while increasing the productivity of the teams. By choosing our PaaS platform, you will benefit from scalable applications adapted to your specific business requirements for your CRM / GRC.

17/ HR management software

The use of this type of pme management software offers plenty of advantages for the company but also for the employees. They enable better monitoring of employees and better management of HR processes. You can optimize the management of your human resources: leave management, creation of dashboards, follow-up and organization of training and staff skills, follow-up of employee hours, follow-up and management of career evolutions, Of costs, creation of collaborative spaces. HR applications are therefore essential for all SMEs wishing to improve the administrative management of their employees.

18/ Finance software

Considered for a time as dedicated to large structures, finance software actually turns out to be a very useful solution and too many benefits for SMEs. A finance application can significantly improve the management of their compatibility, their cash flow, their purchasing / investment requests, their invoice processing system, recoveries …

At Simplicité, we offer a PaaS platform to design your SME management software: a SaaS solution or internally hosted, tailored to your specific needs. We put at your service a robust and flexible platform to reduce the time and costs of realization and to easily evolve your projects. Thus, if you are looking for a complete management tool adapted to the activity of your SME, please contact us for more information about the aPaaS Simplicité platform.