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Simplicité is a solution that transforms the way you work through an agile and results-oriented approach. You build your custom applications and perfectly meet your business needs.

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They trust Simplicité for their business applications
Ministère des Armées

Unparalleled speed

With the Simplicité low-code platform, speed is becoming the key word in development. Faster than ever, ideas are being transformed into functional applications. Intuitive design and deployment in a few clicks significantly reduce time, giving businesses a head start in a fast-paced environment.

Maximum profitability

Simplicité Low-Code offers an economical solution without sacrificing quality. Less expensive than traditional development methods called “from scratch”, our platform allows optimal use of resources, thus reducing costs and deadlines while maintaining high operational efficiency.

100% satisfaction of business needs

100% satisfaction of business needs

With Simplicité, no business need is left out. Our data-centric approach ensures that all the needs expressed by businesses are fully taken into account. Every element, every process is integrated.

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Your data remains your property

Simplicité will never share your data because it belongs to you. Maintain total control over your information. The platform uses robust techniques to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Collaborative app store

Collaborative app store

The Simplicité App Store offers an intuitive user experience for exploring and integrating pre-built applications. Facilitating collaboration, this space allows the sharing of ideas and solutions, and offers a collaborative environment within the company. Create your own App Store and open it up to your ecosystem.

Foodiz Solutions

Nous avons obtenu l’outil que nous voulions : réalisé sur mesure, intégré, évolutif et avantageux au niveau tarifaire. Simplicité Software nous accompagne ainsi dans notre croissance pour nous permettre de grandir correctement et d’avoir un mode de fonctionnement industriel et adapté.

Bayard Baptiste
CEO - Foodiz Solutions