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Low-code makers

Simplicité: The power to create, customize, and deploy your applications in one click. As a low-code maker, your time is valuable, and that's exactly where Simplicité comes in. The platform allows you to maximize your efficiency and allows you to focus on value-added code, without having to reinvent the wheel with each new application.

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Région Bretagne

Save time and effort focused on value

With Simplicité, saving time is at the heart of our approach. No more wasting hours building blocks. Thanks to the intelligent reuse of pre-built components, you avoid reinventing the wheel for each project. Free yourself from tedious tasks to focus on value-added code. Bring your ideas to life without being hampered by long and complex processes.

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Utilisation de vos outils préférés

Use your favorite tools

Simplicité is not about changing your habits. Keep using your favorite tools like VSCode or Eclipse and integrate our platform seamlessly into your regular development environment.

Ensure your smooth transition to low-code.

One-click deployment

When it's time to deploy your application, Simplicité makes this critical step as easy as a one-click process. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your designs move quickly from development to production, reducing the time between design and use by your end users.

Up-to-date technology

Up-to-date technology

Simplicité is committed to offering you up-to-date technology, greatly reducing the problems associated with technical maintenance. Model your business, Simplicité takes care of the rest.

Brittany Region

In recent years, the Brittany Region has made the choice to switch to “Low Code” development for its management applications. With a dozen applications in production now, we are fully satisfied: we have gained in agility, in TTM, in maintainability. No need to use JEE development “from scratch” anymore, except for very specific needs. We opted for self-hosting, and particularly appreciate the ease of integration into the Simplicité information system: data model, relational storage, REST API, identity management connectors...

Quily Rosanne
Software development engineer