Simplicié Software equips the electronic administration of the State

Simplicité Software equips the electronic administration of the State

The General Directorate for State Modernization (DGME) adopts the French platform for agile design and the execution of tailor-made services.
Mr. Hervé LE BARS, Program Director at the DGME discusses the reasons for choosing Simplicité®:
“Simplicité is a platform with a very 'functional business' positioning. Thanks to it, we can develop our own services based on those of the publisher who have remained generic enough to offer us all the freedoms of tailor-made development. In addition, Simplicité is based entirely on J2EE standards and integrates perfectly into the DGME Information System without calling into question the structural choices (infrastructures, frameworks) already made.

What seduced us in the functionalities offered by Simplicité: the management of business processes and workflows, the definition of business models and the persistence of business objects, integration services with external data repositories, the fine management of user rights, graphic facilities...

Our functional needs come from a multiplicity of organizations that all have their own specificities. They extend far beyond the standard service offer developed by the Department of Electronic Administration of the DGME, and the industrialization of our productions requires our ability to tailor products on a common basis.
The advantage of Simplicité® in this context is to allow us to design business applications on which organizations and public institutions can customize their own, but also to design and implement dedicated applications that expand the range of products and services already implemented by the DGME around MonServicePublic.”