A complete tailor-made IT

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A complete tailor-made IT
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Created on October 9, 1969, E&P (Entreprise et Personnel) is an association at the service of the professionalization of the HR function. The member network now includes more than 110 companies, private and public organizations. E&P's action is based on five main activities: exchanges between HR professionals, publications, intervention, training, monitoring.

Our business is particular and corresponds to a heterogeneous set of follow-ups and activities that have different economic models (...) Thanks to Simplicité, we obtained the tool we wanted, which was at the same time specific, scalable and advantageous in terms of price. In addition, the solution is very intuitive to use, which greatly facilitates its appropriation by our employees.

Jean-Luc Pilliard
General Secretary, Business and Staff


Equip the Enterprise & Staff association with a new Information System (excluding accounting) in order to meet its needs in the management and management of its activity. Each activity must be developed and implemented independently, without questioning the other activities still supported by the old IS until complete migration.


Create a tailor-made IS covering the 5 professions of the association: exchanges, training, publications, monitoring, interventions.

Establishment of professional standards (members, employees, missions, training, publications)

Specialized CRM: member relationships.

Human resources: leave, expense reports, time management.

Management: Reporting and dashboards for monitoring activity.


Use of the Simplicité platform for the sharing and centralization of customer/partner information

Reliability and security of information

Traceability of actions

Increased E&P responsiveness