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One year chases after another, it's time to take stock! Looking back on a year rich in every way for Simplicité. Corporate life, Events, Press... Find out everything that made the difference in 2023 at Simplicité!

At Simplicité

Transparency exercise, some figures on our activity

As a software publisher, it is important to commit ourselves to an exercise in transparency. So here are some metrics that we think are relevant to share with you about our business.

Our distribution of turnover by public and private sector of activity approaches parity with respectively 53% and 47%.

By business lines, we note a dominance in the banking-insurance sector and industry with respectively:

  • Banking and Insurance: 34%
  • Industry: 29%
  • Other: 17%
  • Defence & Security: 11%
  • Training: 10%
  • Community: 4%

Finally, over the past five years, our turnover has grown by more than 70%.

This allows us to say that Simplicité is in good financial health, and that, always in complete independence.

Official release of version 5.3

During the month of May, the R&D team is busy working to finalize what will be the latest evolution of the version 5 branch of Simplicité. The aptly named v 5.3, which will bring a multitude of new features.

(Re) Discover all this in our dedicated article.

New recruits are joining the Simplicité adventure:

This year will also be rich in recruitment, we are pleased to welcome three new collaborators to Simplicité Software:

  • Candice Bimont, a young graduate in computer engineering from UTC in Compiègne, is strengthening the professional service and development division.
  • Lysa Jarno, with its 10 years of experience in sales, for its part, strengthens the commercial division!
  • Ghita Gaouar-Khefif, is joining us as an apprentice DevOps engineer at the ESIEA school.

We are really happy to have them with us!

Events and trade show

Innovation Makers Alliance at every level

At the beginning of February 2023, we had an appointment for the 16th edition of Innovations Day by IMA. We then competed in the Low/Code-No/Code category alongside our competitors Creatio, Outsystem and Servicenow... We pitched, they voted and we won the 2023 trophy! A nice surprise for this first participation!

In this good momentum, we are getting ready to participate in DIMS 2023

This exhibition will be held in mid-April, which brings together the biggest players in the technological ecosystem every year.

An opportunity for us to demonstrate how Bpifrance has developed a tailor-made short-term financing management application with the low-code Simplicité platform! And also how, connected to more than 11 information system applications, it makes it possible to create, monitor and manage short-term financing contracts while easily generating the contractual package for electronic signature via Yousign.

You can find the slides here

Afterwork Simplicité! Get ready to face the melee

On June 15, we invited you to join us for a special event. Ninety days before the start of the Grand-Messe de l'Ovalie, we invite you to an afterwork dedicated to low-code.

In a friendly atmosphere and without “fuss” we discuss low-code: what ROI? What about governance? Architecture and use cases?

Media & customer stories

Simplicité, the press talked about it

At the beginning of 2023, we learned that we were among the 500 companies with the strongest growth according to the ranking of the champions of growth by the newspaper Les Échos — Week-End.

We will not hide it from you, we were a bit proud of this good news!

Independent growth now 16 years and customers and partners who trust us and grow year after year!

2023 Growth Champion

Simplicité will also be mentioned in two leading magazines and we will have the honor of a complete article in the magazine Programmez! :

Low-code/no-code is winning the industry
IT for Business | The magazine #2281 — March 2023

Excerpt:”Very popular in start-ups, no-code and low-code solutions are increasingly used by SMEs and large companies. Allowing non-developers to create an application in a few clicks brings agility and speed of execution to business users...

Succeed in your low-code/no-code strategy over time.
IT for Business | The magazine #2281 — March 2023

Excerpt:”Another key trend of the moment, “Low-Code/No-Code” will also be able to take advantage of AI to simplify software development and automate code generation. But these platforms have their supporters and their detractors. How to limit the impact of their weak points? We talk about it in this month's report “Succeeding in your low-code/no-code strategy over time”.”

Simplicité: a low-code platform by developers, for developers
Number 260 of Program

Find Simplicité in the latest issue of Programmez magazine! , Khalil Bayoudh, software engineer at Capgemini, presents the platform and various use cases. To read!

Excerpt:”At Capgemini, we notice that low-code is not a fad. Indeed, it is a reality that we experience on a daily basis for important projects that go far beyond the simple status of Proof of Concept. Also, we thought it was interesting for the Program! community. to present one of the platforms that we have been using for many years and which is outside the traditional big five of analysts. Here we will talk about the Simplicité platform.

And, always our humorous winks with the various Simpli-Stat's!

And what's next? Let's start 2024 on a high note ✨

Lots of new things for the new year! A version 6 and a nice surprise!

On January 31, 2024, we invite you to meet us in a friendly atmosphere to discover all the power of the new version of Simplicité — V6.

Dive into the heart of innovation: from the user interface to core platform evolutions, we have a lot of news to share with you!

Also, meet our team of experts who will share tips and best practices to maximize the use of the platform.

A nice surprise will await you accompanied by a relaxed Afterwork.

Registration ✨