The Simplicité Software publisher is growing

The Simplicité Software publisher is growing

After having equipped the General Directorate for State Modernization (Ministry of Finance), Simplicité Software wants to become a must within the French Administration with its agile Simplicité® platform intended for business applications.

The modernization of the State is under way. Since the beginning of the year, a very large number of ministries and public bodies have been interested in Simplicité® and want to test the platform: Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Ecology, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Sports, Sports, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Town Halls, General Councils...

Simplicité® is an agile and collaborative platform allowing business users and IT teams to quickly and efficiently design high-quality, tailor-made business applications. The main technical skills required are focused on configuration and parameterization.

“The Simplicité® platform appeals to the public sector because it brings together the best that traditional approaches in software can offer and makes it possible to optimize the famous quality-cost-delay triptych. Its assets are perfectly suited to the search for efficiency and cost control in public administrations. Simplicité® in fact makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of rapid implementation and the robustness of software packages, while having a strong ability to adapt to the specificities of each business.” underlines François Genestin, founder and CEO of Simplicité Software.

Driven by business models, Simplicité® makes it possible to meet all types of business needs (HR, Marketing, CRM, Purchasing, Logistics,...), even the most specific ones. Perfectly in line with current IT needs, the applications designed can be either hosted on site or in the cloud in SaaS or aPaaS mode.