The Regional Council of Brittany realizes its business applications with Simplicité

The Regional Council of Brittany realizes its business applications with Simplicité

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Following an in-depth market study, the Brittany Regional Council chose the Simplicité solution as an agile platform to create its business applications. Building on its successes with the French Administration (Ministries and Communities), Simplicité has demonstrated its maturity on the market and its ability to respond sustainably to the needs of the Regional Council.

Economies and agility
In addition to budget savings induced, the Regional Council chose the Simplicité platform for its suppleness of use, its ability to cover 100% of the need actually expressed, its strong scalability And her robustness technique. The IT department can thus be as close as possible to businesses by providing solutions. fast and effective.

“The future of an IT department like ours requires greater agility and reactivity in a context of rigorous resources. The constant search for technological solutions that allow this agility must be a permanent challenge for CIOs, at the risk of being imposed on them solutions whose random sustainability will make it very difficult to maintain the services offered by the IT department to its customers.” underlines Christian Philippe, CIO, Regional Council of Brittany

Simplicité in line with the IS strategy: autonomy and control

In a strategy to control costs and IT resources, the Regional Council decided to go up in total autonomy on the platform, in order to reduce its dependence on external service companies as much as possible. The IT team thus benefitted from a support and training allowing it this independence.

The application” Vir'volt my home”

In order to definitively validate this new development concept, the Regional Council teams created a first application called “Vir'volt my house”, aimed at providing technical and financial support for the thermal renovation of single-family homes heated with electricity in the Pays de Saint-Brieuc. Convinced by the added value of the Simplicité platform, the DSI now integrates this technological solution into the responses that it provides at the requests of the Regional Council's business departments.

The Brittany Region thus confirms its desire to have, to the best of its resources, a precursor positioning and at the forefront of IT innovation.