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Patronage management
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The French Red Cross (CRF) is a French humanitarian aid association founded in 1864. Its objective is to help people in difficulty in France and abroad. Its fundamental missions are first aid, social action, training, health and international action. Its action is partly financed by donations from individuals or businesses. The management of its donations is a central activity for this association.


Allow the Red Cross to centralize the management of donations from corporate sponsorships in order to make information reliable, avoid duplications and entry errors. Allow top-down communication with sponsors and set up a simple and scalable tool.


Complete redesign of the existing tool to optimize and make the management of donations from sponsors more reliable.

Guarantee the quality of the data and allow reporting on corporate sponsorship activity.

Have an agile solution to consider changes in the business.


Creation of the application in agile mode as close as possible to the business.

Availability of the application, base and user licenses on the Red Cross information system.

Total transparency regarding the use of donations and the establishment and monitoring of agreements.