FACOM/lifetime warranty management

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FACOM/lifetime warranty management


En 1952, FACOM invents the Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee for all tools. This is a first in the world of tools, which will often be copied...

In 2020, it is almost 1.5 tons of products that come back under Guarantee in our Morangis workshops every day, representing 550,000 products per year. 99% are exchanged or repaired by a team of 20 people dedicated to after-sales service. This unlimited warranty is an essential pillar of the brand, which has made it successful and renowned.

  • Nearly 70 years after the implementation of the Lifetime Guarantee, the need to meet the expectations of our customers is felt
  • Limited ability to analyze and synthesize.
  • No direct link between the User and FACOM.
  • Complexity, travel and very long deadlines = dissatisfaction.
Simplicité brought us the technical part with low-code technology, which really allowed us to perfectly meet all of our needs in developing this application.
After 2 days, both on the front and on the back, they were able to offer us something very similar to what we have in service today.

David Ohana
After-Sales Director France & FSA @StanleyBlack &Decker | President @Screlec



  • Reinstating the promise To all Users To find the customer satisfaction final.
  • Accelerate customer differentiation and get to know users better.
  • Increase the impact on social networks and digital acceleration.
  • Optimize the existing process by simplifying And in Rreducing the delay Guaranteed exchange
  • Modernize brand image and bring one of the pillars of the brand into the 21st century.
  • Building Customer Loyalty through a FACOM Lifetime Guarantee, Innovative, Simplifying the Process and Controlling Costs
The project, Simplicité X Facom X Digitalce

Choosing a low-code platform?

A strategic pillar of FACOM to be revitalized through digital technology

Simpler, faster, greener

An agile, fast development, respecting the mock up.

Pilot and industrialization file: Living and making effective the qualification decision Lifetime warranty by FACOM after-sales service through the digital tool

Scale up (2021, 2022, 2023) Rise in charge — Change Management.


One flexible platform and adapted to the needs of the profession, in quick response to new business requirements.

Pilot development in 2 months

Real-time iteration on the pilot

From 200 to 500,000 exchanges per year. From 200 to 100,000 users