Customized claims management customers/partners extranet, from A to Z

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Customized claims management customers/partners extranet, from A to Z
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A member of the TEXA Group since October 1, 2015, Eurisk offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of expertise in damage/construction and construction insurance. EURISK is located on 40 sites in mainland France and overseas territories. It is made up of 350 employees, including 170 experts specializing in construction, who carry out more than 45,000 missions per year.

With Simplicité, all of our business is available to all of our customers, in a personalized and very secure way. The agility of the base and the ease and speed of implementation have allowed us to evolve with our customers, but also to capitalize on our businesses and to strengthen our partnership relationship with them. The great flexibility of the Simplicité product and its ability to adapt to each of our businesses have allowed us to make significant economies of scale.

Paul Boyer
CEO, Texa


As part of its desire for digital transformation, Eurisk wants to equip itself with a client/partner extranet tool. The purpose of this extranet is to instrument, from A to Z, the process of managing a claim file, from its declaration by the client, to the payment of the fee bill.


Offer a new service to its customers to benefit from a competitive advantage in relation to the market

Have a centralized tool, interfaced with the business IS core.

Move up independently on the Simplicité platform to evolve the application and respond to customer requests on a daily basis.

Management and management of the entire life cycle of expertise files.

Use of the Simplicité platform as a development tool for the client extranet.

Very fine management of security and confidentiality.

Open to all parties involved in the case (insurer, expert, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, etc.)


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