Management and management of IT emergency plans for SILCA and CA Technologies

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Management and management of IT emergency plans for SILCA and CA Technologies
Coordinators per plan and +120 stakeholders
Customers - entities or subsidiaries - per plan on average
Tasks per plan
Actual exercises/year


Crédit Agricole, nicknamed the “Green Bank” because of its original activity serving the agricultural world, is a French network of cooperative and mutual banks, composed of Crédit Agricole's 39 regional banks. SILCA and CA-Technologies are two subsidiaries of the group that provide IT and logistics services relating to the installation and maintenance in operational condition of all or part of the Information Systems.

Simplicité convinced us by its ability to meet our specific needs in record time. Moreover, when these needs evolved, the application was able to be flexible and evolved without difficulty.

Hervé Deniel
Risk and Control Department, Silca - Crédit Agricole


As part of its core business, SILCA has a particular obligation to guarantee the continuity of service in the event of a disaster. Over the course of its many years of experience in the management of IT Emergency Plans (PSI), SILCA has been able to describe and implement a very specific PSI management process in line with its needs and constraints. Since vertical solutions on the market cannot meet all of its specificities, or are too expensive, the challenge was therefore to develop THE industrial and flexible business solution, centralized and shared by all, and meeting 100% of the specific need.


Make available, in real time, the progress of roadmaps for all PSI actors. Deploy the PSI to other entities in the group (CA-Technologies)

Increase visibility on a dynamic schedule

Optimize and enrich the PSI based on feedback from the field

A simulation tool for playing emergency plan exercises in a “real” situation

An application available “outside IS” to ensure business recovery

An application for providing various roadmaps in real time to all actors according to their rights and profiles.

A management tool for General Management and management bodies, and “replicable” for other entities


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