2BFresh boosts its productivity and industrializes its processes

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2BFresh boosts its productivity and industrializes its processes
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Created in 2011 by Baptiste Bayart, 2B'Fresh is a young company distributing ultra-fresh Japanese food products for small and medium-sized stores. It offers ultra-fresh and high-quality single-portion meal solutions. His job imposes strong constraints on him in terms of logistics (orders, deliveries) to guarantee the freshness of the products.

We got the tool we wanted: tailor-made, integrated, scalable and affordable. Simplicité Software thus supports us in our growth to allow us to grow properly and to have an industrial and adapted operating mode.

Baptiste Bayart
CEO and founder, 2B'Fresh


Hyper-growing companies (startups) are very quickly exposed to critical problems that could endanger their business. One of the major risks for the company can come from an operation that is still too largely manual and relies on office tools that do not allow growth to be absorbed and too often a source of errors.


Take advantage of the cloud

And benefit from an Information System that reflects the profession. Focus your efforts on business development and growth strategy by relying on a reliable and scalable IS.

Reduce management costs

Optimize and automate business processes, offer the openness of the IS to existing and future partners.

Product catalogs

Tour management (unsold delivery/recovery)

Management and calculation of pre-orders

Delivery notes/Invoicing

Operational reporting, partner interfaces


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