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What's new on the #3 platform

What's new on the #3 platform

Good morning,

New release, new newsletter for developers!

For your information, the Simplicité platform version 4.0 P23 Release Candidate has been made available on the Git pre-release branch of the template and as a Docker beta image.

If no questions and/or blockages are raised by May 01, 2019, this release will be considered as the P23 release version.

Thank you in advance for your help in the final validation process for this release.

User interface what's new?

Redesign of the code editor for a responsive user interface with new features:

- Tabs that can be moved by Drag-and-Drop

Go directly to the object definition from the code editor to modify the object.

Module/Object/Sources are directly accessible from the left side of the screen. This way you have direct access to the code of your application.

Comparing files when the source has changed on the server side. You can compare code differences based on what is stored locally or on the server. This way more reasons to overwrite changes on shared versions.

Save all tabs. As the name suggests, you can save all the nails in the code editor at once!

SVG modeler:

  • sets up bridges when there are intersections on the links.
  • removal of dead links during a full reload
  • Ensure that the context menu is visible
  • context menu of the enum field: list of values and copy of the code to the clipboard

Loading moment.js at startup (to be used in case of frontal constraints)

HtmlTool.getcrosstabURL (obj, inst, crosstab) is now included in a responsive crosstab.

Optimization of the size of the columns in the edit list (boolean, date... to adapt to the length of the field and not 200px by default).

Navigate to the associated object on the N, N link with the pillbox renderer.

The workflow now supports filtering on fields joined in the search activity.

Keeps the session alive on the form, edit list, and editor (to avoid server-side inactivity and disconnection during the update).

Added 2 renders on Integer and Float:

  • Number: no spacing, ex'2019′.
  • Monetary: same as the default display with thousands separator, ex'1,234,567.89′ (English) or'1,234,567,89′ (French)

Refreshing the badge counter on the tab when the user searches.

Added a ui.loaded trigger to customize the user interface when the engine is loaded but before the home page is rendered.

3 internal object display modes are now supported as panel parameters (linked objects):

  • vertical tabs (default)
  • horizontal tabs
  • extended panels = split
  • collapsed and accordion are not supported

The template editor allows you to add a referenced object joint field.

Hack to ensure the date and time and enum picker visible on the edit list.

No submenu when the domain contains only one element (home page, workflow, internal or external object).

use_search_index=No is now supported to remove the search box from the header.

LOADING_PAGE: customizable HTML resource for responsive layout. (the loading of the page is here deliberately slowed down to show the animation).

New edit mode on the list with all CRUD functions:

  • Add multiple new records
  • Update selected rows
  • Delete records if the action is authorized
  • Save changes globally

Now the TreeView supports reflexive links, a new tree appears on the child list when the object has a reflexive link.

New system icons to better identify functionalities within the platform.

Changes in the “core” of the platform

Addition of the RestServiceExternalObject subclass of ExternalObject dedicated to the implementation of REST web services.

Addition pdfDocumentExternalObject subclass of ExternalObject dedicated to implementing PDF documentation

Addition of the ExcelDocumentExternalObject subclass of ExternalObject dedicated to implementing Excel® documentation.

Addition of a business object pool mechanism for the API terminal for better management of massive simultaneous calls.

New getSocialShareShareData object hook to customize shared data

Add the init post in the grant hook (PostPlatformInit)

Export the list to Excel using POI: float format + currency rendering (euro and dollar).

Added support for multiple authentication methods and multiple identification providers (e.g. 2 Oauth2 providers and 3 SAML providers)

Added support for SQL shared code in the editor and GIT export

XML and CSV export/import uses full field input (the old syntax with input tag is still supported but obsolete)

DOC_DIR can be changed dynamically:

from BLOB to disk (dbdoc path or absolute path) with serialization of documents from m_document to disk

of the physical path to BLOB with full import into the m_document table

in the case of a path rename, the designer will have to move the dbdoc directory manually

Addition of an input aid in the list column (to explain the definition of fields), the previous help is used in the form (to explain the entry rules).

Classification of actions in the object.

JDK 11 compatibility

Added syntax validation for system objects:

  • Enabled by setting the SYNTAX system parameter to true and adding a prefix at the module level.
  • Available for objects, functions, groups, domains, and actions

Addition of a reorderObjectFields method on ObjectInternal for the organization and automatic scheduling of ObjectFields.

Add a module action to generate module documentation Markdown object

FieldArea icon codes can be evaluated as expressions, for example to refer to an object's icon [EXPR: [object:myObject] .getIconCode ()].

Bug fixes

Fixed a JSON content case when publishing webservices (a JSON was encoded as a JSON string, which was less practical, now it is added as simple JSON).

Correction of the cross table and the trees in the OpenAPI schemas.

Filter not in and not like within fields.

Fixed menu in case of inheritance of a state model.

Fixed the SAX parser with song concatenation.

Fixed diff module with XML file and patch generation.

Correction of createLink on the copy. Corrected the names of module publications.

Correction of the uniqueness of the user key in case of a warning during PreValidate.

Correction of a copy of the object in a state with read-only fields.

Fixed subclasses have been added to JAR modules.

Correction of the group-by counter on PostgreSQL.

Fixed PostgreSQL CheckColumn and CheckTable when direct_transaction=yesCorrected SVG URI image data on chrome (72.0.3626.81) and Firefox (64.0.2).

Fixed a badge filter for displaying hidden fields in the list.

Correction of a display field on the reference selector when it is only visible in the list.

Correction of an error in the given name of a document.

Fixed the resetting of the ids selected on the panel when the parent object changed.

Fix the index search with the context to be called initRefSelect

Correction of a potential battery overflow at startup in some special cases (after loading broken/incomplete configuration modules for example).

Fixed the absence of timestamp and inline options on exporting XML/ZIP objects Corrected the JSON structure of the document (name missing).

Correction of a parent object when creating a list.

Corrected the default URL for the password change alert.