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What's new at Simplicité? — Summer 2021 ☀️🌞

What's new at Simplicité? — Summer 2021 ☀️🌞

Good morning,

On the menu of this newsletter:

  • Replay of the webinar presenting the Release 5.1
  • France Relaunch and referencing on the GouvtTech catalog.
  • Different Press releases (Computer World, L'Usine Nouvelle, Appvizer).
  • One new podcast dedicated to Low-code created by La Robe Numérique.

Happy reading, good watching, good listening...

The whole team wishes you a great summer and hopes that you will have a great vacation!

Replay du webinaire de présentation de Simplicité V5.1

👋 Do you want to know what's new in version 5.1? 📽

Watch the replay of our webinar presenting the latest features of Release 5.1.

You will be able to discover the various evolutions of the platform:

  • Core: New hooks, tools and more security.
  • UI&UX: New menu accesses, field renderings, “Inlined” fields, “inlined” fields, completion by datamap, social post and notepad: Markdown, preview of Markdown, new sizes in “REM” and SVG, object dashboards with states, object dashboards with states, a new display of screenflows, a new display of screenflows, an improvement of Google Fonts support, specification of the Y axes of the cross table and... A new theme!

See what's new in V5.1

[France Relance 🔁] From idea to application, we support you

France Relance - Utiliser des technologies émergentes pour améliorer le service public (ITN6)

1) You are a central or decentralized administration service, a public research laboratory or a ministerial operator.

2) You have An idea to an innovative project and you want to make this idea a reality through an approach agile “test and learn” or POC. Simplicity is there to support you in the realization of this project.

3) The project can be financed at 100% (up to €48,000 including VAT) as part of the France Relance plan.

4) The development carried out your application will be: evolutive, Efficient, free to be installed wherever you want, Secured, reachable.

Learn more about this device 🤔

[GouvTech 📚] Public service in the digital age!

Simplicité intégrée au catalogue GouvTech

“The GouvTech catalog lists software and digital services for administrations — both State and territorial — and aims to:

⚡️ Promote the creation of efficient digital public services and their improvement,

🔎 Facilitate the identification and choice of relevant digital solutions,

📣 Allow the sharing of experience and the sharing of tools between administrations,

⭐️ Provide elements of assessment as to the expectations of public actors.”

DDiscover the catalog 📚

[Dossier 🥇] RPA and Low-Code Buying Guide

Guide d'achat RPA et Low-Code

Last May MondeInformatique released a special report “Buying guide for RPA and low-code tools”. You will discover various low-code players and in particular... Simplicity!

You will need to register (free) to read the article.

Read the guide 🥇

[Testimonial 🗞] The Rennes blood transfusion establishment takes its first steps in low-code with Simplicity

Témoignage client - Établissement Français du Sang

The Rennes blood transfusion establishment sheds light on an application that allows it to manage blood collections!

Short excerpt” The adventure really started when we decided to ask Simplicity Software for a model to meet our business need for planning our mobile collections, a task we had previously done with Excel files. ”, summarizes Fabien Wilhem.

Read the rest of the testimony 📣

[Article 🗞] L'Usine Nouvelle — Simplicity facilitates low-code

Simplicité facilite le low-code

L'Usine Nouvelle did us the honor of writing a few lines about the V5 of Simplicity.

Read the article 🗞

[Dossier 🗂] Appvizer — Low-code: low-cost development or the future of programming?

Dossier Appvizer - le low-code : développement low cost ou avenir de la programmation ?

The software recommendation site Appvizer has written an interesting article on the advantages of low-code/no-code:

Are we in the future of computer programming? Will low code, and its corollary no code, replace professional developers? Beneath these provocative questions lies a real technological challenge for businesses, which is not so new: creating software without programming.

Read the file 🗂

[Podcast 🎧] The Digital Dress — Simplicity Software, the low-code platform for creating applications

Podcast : La Robe Numérique et Simplicité

La Robe Numérique is a legal news blog run by the law firm ORIANA LABRUYERE&CO and the audit and risk management firm MITIRISK&CO.

In the last episode (no. 23) you can find Thomas Repolt talking with Oriana Labruyere, associate lawyer and DPO, on software development issues and how Simplicity addresses them.

Listen to the podcast 🎧