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What's new at Simplicité? Fall 2021 🍂

What's new at Simplicité? Fall 2021 🍂

Good morning,

We hope you are in great shape despite the autumn cold that is coming and the time change is coming! To warm you up, nothing better than the latest news from Simplicité, on the program:

  • [Program magazine!] Simplicité: all-in-one low-code platform
  • [Simplicité Club #6] Community meetings and customer testimonials
  • [DSI decision club] The innovation meetings, we were there!
  • [ file] Why is the low-code approach necessary?

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday December 2nd for our Simplicité Club No. 6!

The whole Simplicité team:

[Magazine Program!] “Simplicité: all-in-one low-code platform”

Replay du webinaire de présentation de Simplicité V5.1

You don't have left Only a few days left to discover the first part of the article dedicated to Simplicité in issue 248 of the magazine Programmez!

For those who are not familiar with the platform, this first part allows you to understand, in general terms, the Platform possibilities (technologies used, the back/front dichotomy,...) then the different functionalities : User experience, API services, No-code, Integration, DevOps, security, Operation.

After this first explanatory part, you can move on to putting it into practice in the issue to be published in early November. Stay tuned 👀...

See the summary of the magazine 📚

[Club Simplicité No. 6] Community meeting and customer testimonials!

Club simplicité N°6

Simplicité Club No. 6

We are pleased to invite you to the 6th edition From the Simplicité Club on Thursday December 2 2021 starting at 9:00 a.m. On the program: Presentation of the platform's new features, exchanges with the community, roadmap and customer testimonials... Register now!

(Attention the number of places is limited)

I join the club 🤝

The club: 09:00 — 12:30 (for the community only)

Club Simplicité n°6

After a welcome breakfast where we will share tea, coffee and pastries, we will introduce you to the main novelties Of the various V5.X evolutions “Good News” of Simplicité.

From the user interface to core platform evolutions, we have a lot to share with you!

You will also benefit from a privileged moment to know the next evolutions of the platform.

I am attending the user club ☕️

Testimonies: 14:00 — 18:00 (open to all)

Facom : As part of its activity of selling tools to professionals and individuals, FACOM offers a lifetime warranty on its range of products. This guarantee is valid under certain conditions and is intended for all FACOM customers. Discover how Facom manages this lifetime warranty thanks to Simplicité.

ENFS: Known to all, the main mission of EFS is to manage the public transfusion service and its ancillary activities. In this context, discover how the EFS manages and monitors blood collections in the Brittany region thanks to Simplicité.

Renault Group: Building on its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, and its unique expertise in terms of electrification, Renault Group relies on the complementarity of its 5 brands — Renault, Dacia, Lada, Alpine and Mobilize — and offers sustainable and innovative mobility solutions to its customers. Discover how the group uses the Simplicité platform to create and manage some of its business and IT data repositories.

1min30: Leader in Inbound Marketing since 2012, the 1min30 agency and its consultants are now inventing exclusive methods based on collective intelligence and agility that unite all stakeholders and implement effective strategies. Discover the specific information system of the 1min30 agency developed with Simplicité.

Bilbo reading: Learning to read is fundamental to succeed in elementary school and to start middle school well. To read well is to read at a good speed. Without a good level of reading, it is impossible to progress and learn in French, math, history. The Bilbo platform is revolutionizing learning to read to help parents concerned by the difficulty of one of their children to make good progress. Discover how Bilbo instruments this tool with the Simplicité platform.

I am attending the testimonies 📣

[DSI Decision Club] The innovation meetings, we were there!

The 2021 Technological Innovation Meetings of the DSI Decision Club took place on September 23.

Once again this event was an opportunity for exciting exchanges with the members of the 1st French club of IT directors!

We warmly thank Véronique and Julien Daval for organizing this very successful meeting and faithful to the values of the club that we share:

🙌 Authenticity 👩 ‍ 💻 Gift of presence 🤝 Determination 💪 Conviction Conviction 🔁 Perseverance 💡 Visionary spirit ⚡️ Energy transmission 🧘 Serenity 🏆 Management Experience in the Business World Listening 👂

Watch the video 📽

See the photos 📸

[Dossier] Why is the low-code approach necessary? —

The constraints of the health crisis have boosted low-code and no-code solutions. They increase productivity by allowing business experts to design their own applications.

We had the pleasure of participating in this dossier and we can only advise you to read it!

Read the file 🗂