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What's new at Simplicité? — Fall 2019 🍁🍂

What's new at Simplicité? — Fall 2019 🍁🍂

👩 ‍ 💻 A new video to present Simplicity 👨 ‍ 💻

We have been thinking about it for some time... How can we explain as clearly as possible what Simplicité is? We started from the following observation, what are the problems of our customers, what are the solutions that Simplicité brings them?
It's up to you to discover and above all... do not hesitate to react!

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🚀 New version of Simplicité P24 🚀

On Thursday, October 17, 2019, we presented the new features of the latest version of Simplicité (v4p24). We covered the following points:

🚧 Points of attention.

⚙️ Core changes to the platform.

🖥 Changes to the user interface.

🔮 And what's next...

You can review this session at your leisure and use the descriptive summary of the video to access the points that interest you.

Watch the replay

🤝 Orange partnership, reinforced simplicité 🤝

Simplicité officially joins the family of Orange Business Services and Cloud publishing partners!

After a merger with Orange Applications for Business, we signed a partnership with the Orange Cloud for Business entity. These partnerships make it possible to expand development opportunities and thus cover the entire life cycle of a project.

Discover the Orange Business Cloud

📚 Recruitment: a new apprentice at Simplicité 🎓

Maxime is preparing his engineering degree (major in Engineering and Numerics) at EPF. For one year Maxime will be trained on the platform and will have the mission of creating a training portal specific to Simplicité as well as improving our internal tools.

We welcome Maxime!

✒️ Your opinion counts for us 🖋

Some customers preferred the Gartner Peer Insight site ( See all Simplicité reviews ). Until the end of October and for the first 50 reviews, the latter offers you an international Visa code worth $25 in exchange for your point of view (whether it is positive or a little less 🙂).

I give my opinion

✒️ Your opinion counts for us 🖋

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