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What's new at Simplicité 🚀 Fall 2017

What's new at Simplicité? 🚀 Fall 2017

đź–Ą New home page đź–Ą

A new homepage

As summer gives way to fall, Simplicité's homepage has been transformed to feature a new blue dress.

This page is intended to be more factual about the possibilities of the platform, the customers who use it and the technologies used.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on this new storefront by clicking on the feedback button at the bottom right of the page.

See the new home page

đź“„ Tutorial: how to create and use a theme đź“„

Develop your tailor-made themes:

This is one of the new features of Simplicité v4! The possibility to create your own themes.

In order to better understand this new feature, we have put together a tutorial for you to create the interfaces that suit you.

Start creating your theme

🗞 Simplicité in the press 🗞

Le Monde Informatique

Simplicité evolves its low-code aPaaS for businesses

“Available in cloud or on-premise mode, Simplicité Software's low-code development solution allows CIOs to quickly design business applications...”

Read the article

Legio by Astura®, platform for generating legal documents

“Astura, an independent French business firm, has developed Legio by Astura, an innovative software solution that allows documents to be generated simply and quickly...”

Read the article

🔑 Identity provider 🔑

As you certainly know, the Simplicité platform manages numerous identity providers to securely connect to the various applications developed. A small newcomer has been added to the list of “providers”, it is the aptly named Crowd from the publisher Atlassian.

This connector is therefore added to the list of other providers: Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, France Connect.

Connecteur Crowd

🚀 New features Simplicité 🚀

Prévisualisation word

Preview Word, Excel, Powerpoint files from the platform.


Calendar invites directly into the Gmail inbox.


Your Hangout calls directly from the platform.

Learn more about what's new

An audit for your applications:

Everyone makes mistakes, designers of Simplicité applications are no exception (even for the most knowledgeable). To overcome this problem, we have developed a new module that ensures the quality of applications.

Discover application monitoring

👩 ‍ 💻 The 100,000 mark 👨 ‍ 💻

We have identified all the users of the platform and Simplicité now has more than 100,000 users!

100 000 personnes

🎙 Thomas talks to us about Simplicité and Recruiting 🎙

Interview Thomas

The pasc @linne association created in 2006 promotes exchange and reflection between companies and digital higher education institutions. Its purpose? Develop the attractiveness of digital professions to new generations.

It is in this context that Thomas, our sales director, took part in the question and answer game. On Simplicité at first, on the training and profiles sought after.

We would like to warmly thank Jean-Philippe DĂ©ranlot for this interview.

Watch the interview