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What happened in 2019 at Simplicité 👀? And what is planned for 2020 🔮...

What happened in 2019 at Simplicité 👀? And what is planned for 2020 🔮...

2019, a year in review:

It's been several days that you can enjoy (or not 🙂?) our greeting cards on Linkedin (cf. end of this post for latecomers). But some greeting cards do not summarize an entire year so we took a step back to write these few lines and tell you in our own way how this year went...

(Small) summary of 2019 Simplicité... of R&D and projects, the DNA of Simplicité!

The year started at a high speed with our participation in the first AP Connect Lounge ! We had great encounters there, but the highlight was for us the testimony of Benjamin Buffereau And of Rosanne Quily in charge of the development of business applications for the Brittany Region.

For many years, they have been among our best supporters to demonstrate the strength and real value of using the Simplicité platform in a transformation strategy. You can find all of their testimonies here:

The months that followed this introduction were punctuated with good news since we won, in partnership with Capgemini, not one, but two very beautiful projects for the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

These are two strategic HR projects for the Department and we are doing everything possible, with the Capgemini teams, to make them a great success and lead to many others.

Spring was dotted with two Meetups dedicated to low-code, on March 12 and May 27 (you can also sign up for the group). Right here).

The end of spring then officially announced the release of the “P23" version of Simplicité. It brings with it a lot of new features including for example: a complete redesign of the code editor, new CRUD editing functions, a new graphical visualization in tree structure, new icons... we have summarized all the details for you in This blog post.

If the heatwave was about to break out in July, it was June that it was the hottest month at Simplicité...

Barely enough time to present our platform at Diabetes Tech Roche on June 6 & 7, Thomas got on his scooter to participate as a partner in the CIO Consortium organized by the DSI Decision Club, which brings together more than 1,300 CIOs from the private and public sectors.

A particularly interesting event and relevant meetings that convinced us, after being selected again by the jury, to renew our partnership for 2020! Members will be able to meet us again on September 23 on the occasion of”Technological Innovation Meetings”.

While the fans are running at full speed in the offices at 38 rue de Trévise, June 17 arrives with great fanfare and it's time for the #5 user club!

We therefore welcome customers and partners in a Parisian loft to present the major innovations of the platform. The key word here is exchange. Exchange with each other and with us about their Simplicité experiences and around low-code in a more general way.

We address the pluses and the minuses, and put our R&D at their service to move forward together on their transformation projects. The program was busy and the feedback we received only encouraged us for the future! Thanks again to them! With a satisfaction score of more than 8 out of 10 this can only encourage us for a 6th edition even more at your service (if it is possible, however it is possible: p)!

Between two slides we receive (finally!) an email from DataDock telling us that we can now give certified training courses. It may not tell you much but for us it is important, so we can say it loud and clear: we are “Datadocked” (learn more about Datadock) and you can easily have your Simplicité courses financed by your OPCA. Do not hesitate!

Paris beats its record temperature of 42.6°C, jackhammers are invading the city, the summer will be hot and under the sign of construction.

Simplicité will not escape it, the “P24”, the latest evolution of version 4 of the platform, is in full development and our R&D team is sweating profusely...

In September, we are pleased to welcome Maxime for his last year of apprenticeship. He is preparing his diploma at EPF de Sceaux and is concocting a tool for us that will be revealed to you very soon and about which we can't wait to tell you more... But for the moment chuuttt!

The end of summer approaching P24 is getting bigger as the days get shorter. A first beta version is being released and it is an opportunity for us to launch a new webinar format to show the latest embedded developments.

You can also find the replay below, this version will finally take off in early 2020.

The end of the year will be punctuated by other good news, including a strengthening of our partnership with Orange Business Service. Indeed, OBS won a major tender (contract over 8 years, including nearly 2 years of development!) for the Establishment for Employment Integration. This project aims to overhaul the organization's core business application. We would like to congratulate the Orange teams for this great success and we are very confident about the continuation of this partnership full of promises for the future!

Finally, we put (a lot) thought into creating a video presentation of Simplicité that could demonstrate all the added value of the platform in less than two minutes while remaining original. If you haven't had the chance to see it, let yourself be tempted, we can't get enough of it...

More generally, we would like to warmly thank all our oldest and new partners: Partenor , Velvet Consulting, Orange Business Services, Capgemini, Nexworld, Serial CH, SmartYou...

At the time of the balance sheets, logs and king cakes, you will have understood that 2019 was a great year and we expect a 2020 vintage of the same ilk. About that...

And what can we expect for 2020?

At Simplicité we like surprises and we prefer to keep a few cards up our sleeves, however here are some ideas that will punctuate your year and ours:

— A new dedicated site, which we will announce when it is ready 😉

— A new major version... Which will lead to a more official communication during the year.

— Our 6th user club!

And a few secret projects of course... 🙂!

So everyone, thank you for sharing this year with us.

As usual do not hesitate to let us know your requests and ideas for the platform. Listening to your needs and responding to them as best as possible remains and will remain in our DNA for this year and for years to come.

The whole Simplicité team wishes you a happy new year 2020!

And as promised, here are the few greeting cards we shared on the networks:

With a bit of humor... 🙂