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We are there for you

We are there for you

At Simplicité, we are closely monitoring the evolution of the situation in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
Since the first day of this widespread lockdown, our team has ensured the continuity of our business, the services and the assistance we offer to our customers.

What are the measures taken by Simplicité?

We have adopted numerous measures to deal with this exceptional situation in the coming weeks:
— We guarantee you the same levels of services.
— We have closed our office and have established a teleworking policy for 100% of employees.
— We cancelled all our trips and appointments to massively use web conferencing tools in order to stop the spread.

We warmly thank all our customers for their understanding and for having set up a similar organization on their side while opening secure access to our team to their IT when necessary.

We are extending our test offer to 3 months

In this troubled period, we wanted to help those who want to test the low-code adventure.

Many uses are being shaken up by this unprecedented crisis, yesterday teleworking was in gestation, today it is a reality for many. Developing an application that is accessible with the cloud is one of the best ways to anticipate these sometimes sudden changes.

If you already had in mind to test a low-code platform, this generalized lockdown is (perhaps) a good time to get started and think about tomorrow's uses today.

With the help of our training site you can build your application in a few days.

As always, we are available to answer your questions.