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The two of us 2022

The two of us 2022

Although 2021 ended in great health uncertainty, it was still a very good year for Simplicity. There is every reason to believe that the same will be true for the year that is beginning.

To get the year off to a good start, the entire Simplicity team wishes you the most sincere wishes that it brings you health, joy, laughter and professional success!

Looking back on 2021: a year of watching, reading and listening! ⤵️

Barely digested logs, pancakes and other culinary delights, the technical team is busy refining version 5.1 of Simplicity.

For his part, Thomas joined the BFM Business studios to be interviewed with Raphaël Martin, DSI at ANSM. In particular, they explain what low-code is, who this type of technology is aimed at and the reasons for the choice of low-code by the National Drug Safety Agency 🙌🚀!

At the same time, Solutions-Numeriques asks us the question of the age-old citizen developer; MagIT gives us the pleasure of publishing a very instructive testimony of a CRM project tailor-made for an IT subsidiary of a major banking group and Appvizer quotes us in its file “Low-code: low-cost development or the future of programming? ”

Solutions Numériques
Soon all citizen developers?
The IT subsidiary of the BPCE group relies on French low-code
appvizer logo
Low code: low-cost development or the future of programming?

Be careful, a time change can hide another one 🔁

As spring approaches, we are about to gain 1 hour of sunshine and... curfew, but the month of March will always be lived online.

Tech.Rocks, the community of tech leaders, contacts us in order to propose the intervention of Simplicity users.

Neither one nor two, Alexandra Hallard and Nicolas Delemer, respectively Commercial Development Director for Groupe BPCE and Deputy CIO of ANSM, are kind enough to accept the invitation.

A meetup: 100% nobullshit — 100% sharing — 100% transparency. To see and to see again ⤵️

Drawings by Tommy Draw

Also, at the invitation of Collaboration Capital we Let's record a podcast to demystify low-code 🔮🎧

In April, the Simplicity line is expanding 🚇

The release of V 5.1 is official and although minor, this version brings a multitude of new features that we were able to detail during a dedicated webinar.

Webinar presenting the new features of Simplicity V 5.1

Also in the press (2.0) The specialized site Le Monde Informatique will dedicate two parts to us in a buying guide dedicated to low-code:

  • A first dedicated to Simplicity and its anchoring in the French IT landscape,
  • A second bringing the testimony of the EFS in Brittany which explains its first steps with low-code.
The Rennes blood transfusion establishment takes its first steps in low-code
The Simplicity platform is already well established in businesses and organizations

VeilIn summer 🌞

During the summer, it will be the turn of L'UsinenNouvelle and to mention Simplicity in their good sheets.

Simplicity makes low-code easy

silicon-fr - Silicon
Applications: why the low-code approach is needed

Thomas will take the opportunity to record a podcast with Oriana Labruyère, Associate Lawyer and DPO. This 23rd La Robe Numérique podcast addresses low-code in all simplicity 🙌!

The summer break will be short, we are welcoming two R&D interns:

  • Germain Aubert, a 3rd year software engineering student at Intech, will be in charge of a seamless integration between Simplicity and market IDEs.
  • Grégoire Gally, a 3rd year engineering student at Epita, will focus on the development of test automation.

It smells like a plane tree 🍁

It is the start of the school year that is approaching and for the occasion the magazine Programmez! releases its 248th issue, which does us the honor of publishing 3 pages on Simplicity, a low-code platform: “all-in-one”.

User experience, API services, no-code, integration, integration, DevOps, DevOps, security, operation... You will be able to discover the main concepts and multiple possibilities offered by the platform 🛠, all explained by the creator of the platform François Genestin!

For their part, Thomas and Jérôme are getting on their bikes to head off at the 2021 Technological Innovation Meetings organized by the prestigious DSI Decision Club.

Les Rencontres de l'Innovation Technologique

Team building and good vibes 🧘

At the end of September, we enjoyed meeting again for a weekend in a large house on the edge of the Perche Regional Natural Park. Despite the absence of Simon and Grégoire who were unable to free themselves, a “simpli-weekend” enjoyed by the participants on the menu: relaxation, good food and fun 👉 we are full of good vibes.

It's club time! 🤝

Due to the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to organize the 6th edition of our club in 2020. We are therefore setting the date of December 2, 2021 to repair this affront and take the opportunity to celebrate our 15th anniversary (happy birthday Simplicity!).

The loft is booked, the speakers ready, the users and partners invited. The user club can start!

During the morning, we present to users the most important new features of V 5 (5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3) of Simplicity, then we continue with various workshops. The replay as you were there (1 hour and a half video).

The engulfed lunch break, no less than five customer testimonies will follow: Facom, EFS, 1min30, Bilbo Lecture, CapGemini.

We will end this beautiful day with a happy cocktail dinner. 15 years must be deserved and celebrated!

Rediscover this beautiful day on video and in blog post 🎥⤵️

We hope that the year went well for you despite everything, we also hope that 2022 brings you health, family joy, laughter and success!

Happy New Year 2-0-2-2!

In 2022, everything will be better, stay happy, we wish you to be (very) happy !

And here are our resolutions for the year to come!