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The 1st Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise aPaaS

The 1st Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise aPaaS

For the first time, Gartner is publishing its famous Magic Quadrant for the enterprise APaaS (Application Platform as a Service) segment. The analyst considers an aPaaS that is designed to meet business needs for enterprise applications and application projects to be an enterprise aPaaS.

Salesforce and Microsoft are identified as leaders in the segment. However, it is a new market whose leadership remains open to new players.
Simplicité Software has always positioned itself as the main French challenger to, the Salesforce platform. Since the birth of the APaaS Simplicité platform project dates from the beginning of the 2000s, we think we have our place as visionaries!

gartner aPaaS

The study shows that an increasing number of enterprise IT professionals are moving into the aPaaS market. With the increasing adoption of SaaS by mainstream businesses and IaaS by IT businesses, more and more organizations have become familiar with the benefits of cloud computing and have become dependent on cloud resources.

aPaaS is meant to personalize and extend SaaS. It is also intended for those who are familiar with the use of IaaS and who now want to increase their productivity and delegate more responsibilities to cloud service providers by subscribing directly to the application infrastructure.