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Supported by SCC, Simplicité is now available on the CAIH ELODI market

Supported by SCC, Simplicité is now available on the CAIH ELODI market

Behind this title with numerous acronyms lies very good news for all members of the C.A.I.H (Centrale d'Achat de l'Informatique Hospitalière)! Indeed, since the beginning of September and via the ELODI market, the low-code Simplicité platform has been accessible to them.

As you may know, Simplicité is a platform for developing low-code business applications that allows you to build all types of business applications.

This market, led by SCC (Specialist Computer Company), is the largest software distribution market for the health sector. It makes it possible to provide the 1300 members of the CAIH with a complete range of tools to ensure the modernization of the IT infrastructures and software of health structures.

The digital transformation of the health sector is a necessity. But with numerous budgetary constraints and a changing legislative framework that is difficult to navigate... Most of the tools available on the market are often designed with aging methods and are, in essence, poorly adapted to meet the requirements of cost rationality and the possibility of evolution.

Simplicité provides an answer to these challenges. Our customers are able to create (or “have them done”), in a short time, specific business applications that correspond to their needs. All this while respecting the laws and standards in force, while having the assurance of being able to develop their tools.

Simplicité has been acclaimed by the public sector for several years now; it is in particular the platform of choice for the ANSM, the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Brittany region.

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