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The rocket is on the launch pad 🚀

Simplicité is becoming... Simplicité!

Simplicité is becoming... Simplicité!

This year, Simplicité will be 18 years old. 18 years since David, François and Thomas embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure to create one of the first low-code platforms before the term even existed ✨

Almost 18 years old, but the reasons for our existence remain...

“We designed Simplicité because there is a real gap between business expectations and existing solutions on the market. On the one hand, the development of business applications is most often a source of frustration, complexity and, above all, failure. On the other hand, off-the-shelf vertical solutions are never satisfactory when it comes to covering a need that is very specific to the company and which is necessarily strategic for it. We believe that these strategic business challenges must be able to benefit from agile, reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT support, hence the existence of the Simplicité platform.”

At the end of 2023, at the dawn of this majority, we set out to rethink Simplicité. How can we preserve our chemistry, the salt of this company? How do you maintain overall consistency? Change, while maintaining our foothold in the French IT landscape. Change to better stand out. Change to be better identified...

Raise your head off the handlebars to reinvent yourself

To support us in this transformation process, we have come closer to Mazette With whom the contact was made very quickly, in order to think together about how we could write the next pages of Simplicité. Thus, with Antonin, Baptiste, Louis and Rosy, we linked Loom and Figma, questions and progress in order to specify the contours of the new Simplicité.

We then identify 3 axes for the global redesign project that we are considering:

  • A first part dedicated to the rebranding of our brand universe (logotype and full version on communication media).
  • A second part focused on web design, because it must be said, our old website was a bit outdated.
  • Then, an orchestration/integration part of this new upheaval with the integration within Webflow.

Simplicité, above the clouds...

As you know, Simplicité is a company with an eminently technological DNA, but also and above all very human. To reflect our evolution, we had to overcome the clouds...

Going beyond the clouds

As an obvious evolution, we were going to find the sun again. The Sun which is a circle, the simplest and most basic form there is...

Let's discover the sun as an obvious evolution

To this, we add lines of code and the code display on the screen...

The circle: the simplest, most basic form. Lines of code and screen display

So, Simplicité becomes Simplicité! As of today, we are therefore unveiling a brand-new identity and will gradually infuse all our communication media... But that is already starting with a brand-new website!

Through this identity, we wanted to bring a strong technological aspect with dark mode and the logo inspired by the computer of the 80s/90s, all this being supported by the colors that are inspired by code editors. The concept of construction is supported by compositions inspired by Mondrian's work. Finally, notions of “simplicity” are grafted into it through a rich and varied palette as well as simple geometric shapes.

We thank the entire Mazette team very warmly for this high-quality work, design team, ride on time as they say 🐎!