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Simplicité and SEED Protocol, a partnership for greater security

Simplicité and SEED Protocol, a partnership for greater security

Simplicité partners with SeedProtocol, security is a matter to be taken seriously.

The cyber security crisis is very real, each day brings its own set of examples. The latest, Wanna Cry, affecting many machines in the global computer park, this ransomware has highlighted the urgent need to take all possible measures to avoid being affected by these threats.

In addition, consumers are increasingly wary and less confident of organizations when it comes to protecting their data. This is why it is necessary to put in place mechanisms to protect in depth and at all levels what affects data more or less.

The Simplicité platform already offers a strong security layer for sensitive data. However, our goal is to provide you with the best possible tools, which is why we decided to partner with a company specialized in security, SEED Protocol.

What is SEED Protocol?

As Tom Reid, the company's executive, describes, SEED Protocol brings “the benefits of blockchain, without the drawbacks.” It is a unique and patented solution to prevent hacking.

Simply put, SEED (for Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data) protocol provides multiple layers of protection to ensure that no malicious person/program has access to your data.

This results in several security “circles” to encrypt your data and manage the levels of access to it. SeedProtocol provides an individualized protection and encryption system that allows one of the most important levels of security on the market (even for quantum computers...!) .

Blockchain versus SEED Protocol advantages:

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.