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Never 2 without 3, 2023

Never 2 without 3, 2023

As we blow out the candles of 2021 hoping for a year 2022 full of serenity, we take the time to share our traditional cake at 38 rue de Trévise.

Once engulfed, we we reference on the state's digital catalog organized and managed by the DINUM which will also give rise to a webinar dedicated to low-code, which we will come back to later...

“At your clicks, ready, code!”

At the beginning of March, you can find us in the columns of issue 251 of Program. We then invite you to read the rest of our first article published in number 248 of the magazine specializing in computer development. This time with an implementation proposing the construction of a hotel management application!

Happiness is in the (low-) code

In mid-April, as France called on its citizens to the polls for the presidential elections, Rosanne Quily and David Ohana, we are pleased to be testifying for ITforBusiness in the”ITforBusiness morning”. Rosanne Quily In it details how the Brittany Region is organizing itself for the development of its applications with Simplicité, David Ohana presents the application of the lifetime warranty developed for Facom, the real spearhead of the company.

Watch the replay of the show here (the last 14 minutes of the show, where the link takes you directly ▶️):

It was during this same period that we published a double-page article in Information-Entreprises detailing our point of view on low-code. We also and especially discuss Simplicité and the genesis of the project... The following issues of the magazine will be enhanced by one of our advertisements that we let you enjoy.

Simplicité: low-code, without compromise!

In May, do what you like, and for us, it will be time for DIMS 2022, of which we are a partner for the first time! We are also pleased to publish numerous business cases in the columns of the various IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance) booklets:

— Low-code No-Code & use cases.
— Citizen developer.
— Low Code/No Code: governance & citizen Developer.

Low-Code No Code & use cases/Citizen developer/Governance & Citizen Developer

In addition, we are continuing our publications in the press with the publication of an interview with Claire Huault, Director of Innovation, Europe Projects and Strategic Studies at the French Blood Establishment. She details how Simplicité was able to meet the strategic need for blood collection management for the Brittany region.

EFS is testing the agile low-code approach in Brittany

Finally, at the end of the same month, we continued our collaboration with Programmez magazine by publishing the 5 pages in which we took the time to summarize what is important to know when you want to start developing low-code applications:
— Use cases where the use of low-code is optimal (and where it is not necessarily).
— The value contributions of low-code.
— The key factors for the success of a low-code project.
— How to choose your low-code platform.
— An example of low-code versus code.
A must read!

From use to skills: what are the specificities of low-code?

A summer in the jungle

As the hottest summer ever recorded is about to sweep across Europe, we are having our portraits taken to join the The most beautiful smiles on the Welcome to The Jungle site. We then take the time to talk a little more about ourselves, about our universe, about our offices, about the life of our company... About Simplicité in all simplicité.

Our Simplicité page

There, they call it Indian summer

The start of the school year is studious and Rosanne Quily is once again suitable for the webinar exercise organized by DINUM to present how it organizes with Simplicité and low-code. She then created the application for the management of vocational training in the Brittany Region.

Thursday November 10, the eve of a public holiday and a day of strike in transport, Thomas gets on his scooter and Jérôme leaves with his folding bike in the direction of Bercy to participate in the IMAGinE day dedicated to low-code!

We are a partner there and Nicolas Delemer, Director of Information Systems at ANSM gives us the pleasure of testifying there for the occasion. He presents the numerous applications developed with Simplicité and focuses on the Canmed application, an application inaugurated (in 2021) by the then Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Once a club, always a club!

The end of the year is busy at Simplicité. The date of our annual club is set for November 24, 2022. The invitations are sent out, the speakers are ready.

Thus, the morning will be dedicated to the many new features of version 5.3 and to the future of Simplicité.

In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of listening to feedback from our customers and partners:

Discover our dedicated summary to relive this day:

User club #7 — Rewind ⏪️

And like never before 2 without 3, for 2023, for each and every one of you, all our wishes for happiness, health, success!

We are always as attentive to your needs.
Our goal is to offer you a platform that corresponds to the challenges of your projects and that facilitates your daily work. It is to meet your requests that we have deployed numerous updates this year, created many functionalities and made even more optimizations!

Happy New Year 2023!

This year our resolutions are quotations: