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It's back to school, Simplicité is changing its website!

It's back to school, Simplicité is changing its website!


Simplicité software is launching a new website for the new school year!

One more site airy, more content reachable and more clear.
With the start of the school year, Simplicité is equipped with a “brand new” site, a navigation redesigned to offer you the best possible browsing experience.


One simple presentation of our business cases.

Find Easily the metrics that make each Simplicité project a attainment !


You can now create a sandbox instance directly online!
One test offer With a Sandbox directly accessible from the button start for free located at the top right of the website. In this way you can get started with Simplicité thanks to the “easy mode”.


Eurocloud Trophies: Simplicité wins the award for the best customer case with Alstom


We are Very happy and Very proud for winning the Eurocloud trophy for the best customer case at the end of #CloudWeekParis.

One A great example of collaboration CAC40 startup/company and the success of the Simplicité ecosystem (IBM/Softlayer, Aspaway and Cité Conseil). Thanks again to Alstom for its trust.

What's next? The European level in October at Barcelona!

“... the gains generated already reached nearly €4 million. The ROI of the project is obvious!”


We Thank you warmly Laurent Giraud, Alstom Group Architecture Director, who kindly answered Alain Capaud's questions in an article published on LeMagit.

In particular, we learn that thanks to Simplicité, Alstom has created a saving nearly 4 million euros in 18 months!


After an initial success in the instrumentation of its Computer Emergency Plan (PSI), Silca renews his confidence to Simplicité to accompany innovation within the group.


The city of Saint-Denis chooses Simpliciéy to simplify certain procedures Services of social action of the city and the department.