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Have a happy holiday... In all Simplicité 🎊

Have a happy holiday... In all Simplicité 🎊

Before the traditional end of year break we wanted to fill your inbox with an additional message to wish you a very happy holiday season!

Here's the latest fresh information from Simplicité before we're one click away in 2019.

Brittany, at the heart of digital transformation ⚙️

If you follow our newsletters or social networks closely, you should be aware that we will soon be participating in the AP Connect exhibition. This exhibition, dedicated to digital transformation for public services, will take place on January 29 and 30 at La Défense, in Paris. On this occasion, Benjamin Buffereau and Rosanne Quilly, respectively manager and engineer of the development center in the Brittany region, will share their experience of developing with Simplicité.

This intervention will be an opportunity to understand and learn how the Brittany region has been organized using DevOps and Low-Code to face its challenges.

🤝 Meetup #2: mobile development and REX

Once again we were kindly welcomed to WeWork Colisée in Paris for the organization of our second Meetup on Low-Code.

It was an opportunity for us to present a particularly recent, but no less interesting subject: the deployment of applications for mobiles (Android and IOS) with Simplicité.

To close this Meetup we had the chance to welcome Zouhair Ouali Alami, an experienced independent consultant who was able to give us feedback on development on a Low-Code platform.

Thanks to him and to those who came. The next Meetup will take place in March, you will be informed on our various social networks hither, hither And again hither.

What's new on the platform: it's Christmas before time

We are taking a bit of freedom and ahead of the next developer newsletter (number 3), by announcing some new features that will please users of the code editor.

The new version of the editor will offer you:

🧰 Direct access to the definition of the object.


Direct links to javadoc and jsdoc.


Saving all tabs at the same time.


The ability to reorder tabs by dragging and dropping.


The preview of the version locally and on the server.


A treeview of access to direct links to code files.

⚠️ Quick reminder: concerning version 3.1 ⚠️

The month of December announces the end of maintenance for version 3.

Concretely what does that mean?

There will be no more evolution, “back-porting”, improvement, or maintenance operations on the “3.1" of Simplicité*. The latter changes from Long Term Maintenance status to Expired. Of course, version 3.1 doesn't stop working though.

However, we encourage you to consider migrating your applications to 4.0 to take advantage of the many new features of V4.

🗓 And always, save the date! 🗓

From January 29 to 30, 2019 we will be present for the second edition of the AP Connect Show! The aim of this exhibition is to bring together all actors in the IT ecosystem who offer solutions for public administrations.

This year the show will have a particular flavor since it will take place at the same time as the National Congress of Internet Cities!

Learn more about the AP Connect 🔗 Lounge

✒️ Your opinion counts for us 🖋

We are interested in your opinion and can help us (or not... 🙂) to convince more people that the Simplicité platform is a platform that can meet all business needs! By clicking on the Captera link you will be able to receive a $10 gift card. G2Crowd does not offer “incentives” but both are appreciated. After 20 reviews on G2Crowd we will have the chance to appear in their G2Crowd Grid®.