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Fresh fall news 🎃 at Simplicité — 2018

Fresh fall news 🎃 at Simplicité — 2018

This fall newsletter is an opportunity for us to give you all the latest news about the life of the company and the platform.

We have a lot to share with you!

As always, do not hesitate if you have any comments or questions to let us know by email, on social networks, on our community forum.

In short, you are spoilt for choice!

🗞 New customer 🗞

As part of its activity, La Nouvelle République du Centre Ouest (NRCO) decided to acquire the Simplicité platform in order to create its sales assistance application for its salespeople.

We are delighted with this new collaboration, which will allow the newspaper to have an order taking application for its sales representatives.

👨  💻 New faces are coming to Simplicité 👨  💻

New recruits at Simplicité!

We are pleased to welcome two new hires!

After working with IBM, BMC Software, Cisilion and Riverbed Technology, we are pleased to welcome Jérôme Bernetière who will be in charge of developing direct and indirect sales.

On the technical side, we welcome Laureline Gagnon who will be doing a 3-year work-study program at Simplicité! Laureline will alternate between Lannion where her school is located (ENSSAT) and Paris. She will work on internal projects to, later on, become a Simplicité expert!

Welcome to both of them!

🤝 1st Low-Code Meetup: Mission Accomplished 👌

The Meetup group has been created since July 2018, it has 192 members at the time of writing! We organized our first Meetup on the topic of Low-Code on Monday, October 1, 2018. Everyone was there for this first event, which allowed us to bring together forty curious people. Two platforms were presented, Simplicité and K2 (with the FlowFactory integrator).

This First Meetup was therefore an opportunity to present two types of Low-Code platforms, on two different technologies, one with Java, the other with.Net. Finally, we had the pleasure of having the testimony of Nicolas Delemer, Head of the DSI Department at the ANSM. The latter was able to explain why the ANSM is choosing a Low-Code platform for the development of its specific business applications.

The next Meetup is coming quickly (December 11 if all goes well) Follow us on the networks to be among the first to know and to reserve your place (limited number)...!

Sign up for the group (so you don't miss the next one) 🍕 or Review the slides from the first Meetup 🤝

Disruption on the boards

Deauville is not only for the American festival, it is also the place chosen for the second summit of “disruption”, the Disruptiv' Summit. This will be an opportunity for us to meet many IT decision-makers and to speak on a theme that is dear to us, digital transformation through low-code platforms.

For the occasion we have made some small ads that you can see: hither , hither , hither , hither, and finally hither ! Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Participate in the event

🗓 And always, save the date! 🗓

From January 29 to 30, 2019 we will be present for the second edition of the AP Connect Show! The aim of this exhibition is to bring together all actors in the IT ecosystem who offer solutions for public administrations.

This year the show will have a particular flavor since it will take place at the same time as the National Congress of Internet Cities!

Learn more about the AP Connect 🔗 Lounge

👁 We were there, and we loved it 👁

📱 Simplicité becomes (even more) mobile 📱

Simplicité becomes more easily “deployable” on the mobile!

The Simplicité platform was already responsive for mobile use, it will very soon be even more integrated into smartphones thanks to the possibility of publishing applications developed with the Simplicité platform directly on the stores (Android and soon IOS). You can read this article to learn a bit more about how to create, test, and develop your (mobile) applications with Simplicité.

Read the blog post ✍️

🚀 What's new on the platform 🚀

We told you about it during our last user club and many of you wanted it, the first new newsletter for developers is gone. The replay is available below:

See the newsletter 👁

• All standard Excel exports have moved from.xls to.xlsx files.

• Translation of links with plural “label|labels” syntax.

• The floating action bar now shows additional actions within the small plus menu (or hamburger menu).

• The calendar time will use hourly meridians (AM/PM) for the English language only.

• Documents are now supported in the bulk update.

• Do you want to change the font easily? Google fonts are now automatically loaded. Just enter their name into your theme and presto! The font is displayed (after a short empty the cache, of course).

• New download dialog. No more endless spinner, now when the recording action is too long (>3 seconds), the load runs in the background. That way you can keep working while the file is being uploaded!

• New feature allowing you to share the deep link, titles, images or texts of an object via email or social networks. This feature is based on the SOCIAL_SHARE setting.

• Changed the shortcuts for UNDO = CTRL-SHIFT-Z REDO = CTRL-SHIFT-Y (to maintain the default CTRL-Z/Y behavior on input fields in order to cancel the input.)

⚰️ End of life for 3.1 ⚰️

End of maintenance for v 3.1

The maintenance of version 3.1 of Simplicité has just blown out its last candle... It therefore joins versions 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 3.0 in the “graveyard” of versions that will no longer be maintained.

Concretely what does that mean?

There will be no more evolution, “back-porting”, improvement, or maintenance operations on the “3.1" of Simplicité*. The latter changes from Long Term Maintenance status to Expired. Of course, version 3.1 doesn't stop working though.

A few months ago we announced the end of support and maintenance for version 3.1, today it is the turn of version 3.1 to take the path to a well-deserved retirement.

However, we encourage you to consider migrating your applications to 4.0 to take advantage of the many new features of V4.

✒️ Your opinion counts for us 🖋

We are interested in your opinion and can help us (or not... 🙂) to convince more people that the Simplicité platform is a platform that can meet all business needs! By clicking on the Captera link you will be able to receive a $10 gift card. G2Crowd does not offer “incentives” but both are appreciated. After 20 reviews on G2Crowd we will have the chance to appear in their G2Crowd Grid®.