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Business departments are key players in technological initiatives

Business departments are key players in technological initiatives

According to a IDC study, 61% of technological projects in companies are now financed by the professions rather than by the IT department. In the future, IT expenses driven by functional departments, especially marketing, will continue to exceed the IT expenses incurred by the IT department itself.

This could be explained by the fact that technology has long been at the heart of improving business processes, allowing for greater speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Businesses are increasingly familiar with cloud computing, big data, mobile and social networks. This often leads them to take the first crucial step towards transforming business processes.

The link between technology and business results has never been closer and is in the process of diverting the purchasing center from IT to businesses. However, businesses do not plan to successfully carry out their IT projects without involving the IT department, which they consider to be important partners.

At Simplicité Software, we have believed since our creation that business challenges should drive IT activities. This is why our Simplicité platform is completely business-oriented in order to be able to respond in a simple and pragmatic way to specific needs.

So you can focus on meeting business needs and not have to worry about technological concerns.

Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from a presentation of the platform.