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Audit your applications

Audit your applications

Everyone makes mistakes, designers of Simplicité applications are no exception (even for the most knowledgeable). To overcome this problem, we have developed a new feature that ensures the quality of applications.

Now, as a designer, you can “audit” your applications and know which ones contain errors and how to correct them. There are also two types of audit:

  • Audit at the time of design (for example: the size of a field is insufficient to contain a multiple enumerate).
  • Audit at run time (for example: when there is a problem interpreting a script on the fly).

The upper part allows you to have an overview of the number of errors that populate your application (s) and the level of importance of this application (s).

  • The total amount of information that is shown to you.
  • The information.
  • The warnings.
  • The mistakes.
  • Items that you marked as processed.

Following this information space, the elements are grouped together in the form of thumbnails. By clicking on the circles at the top, you can sort by error type.

The color of the thumbnail corresponds to the nature of the information provided.

An element in red will therefore be an error, an element in orange will be a warning, the gray one will warn you for information purposes. Finally, a light gray thumbnail will represent information that you have already processed.

At the level of the Simplicité platform, the information thus reported is social posts linked to their origins (i.e. an attribute, a business object, a search...).

You can now build your applications with confidence while ensuring that you did not forget important data when creating them. With this new feature, you can easily and quickly locate errors within your applications, with ease. And as always, this new feature is not set in stone and we are open to any suggestions for improvement by the community.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us we will be happy to help you.